The Electric Revolution Evolution is Happening. Is your Warehouse/ Last Mile Delivery/ Long Haul Ready?

The Electric Revolution Evolution is Happening.
Is your Warehouse/ Last Mile Delivery/ Long Haul Ready?

We invite you to join us and the members of the Electrum team for an interactive Zoom seminar addressing the electrification of warehouse equipment and delivery fleets.

“With all sectors of industry looking to reduce costs and emissions,
electrification of warehouse equipment or delivery fleets are
the low hanging fruit of manufacturing and distribution sectors."

“How can we electrify equipment that has traditionally been operated on propane or diesel?” This is the most common question we are asked today as warehouse equipment specialists. Clients also frequently ask “how can we best get staff to buy-in on equipment that might seem different, but is actually much more reliable, efficient, and productive?” This seminar will help address both of these quotations and provide practical ideas with realistic approaches to incorporating EV infrastructure solutions to suit your business needs.

Electrum has been pioneering EV infrastructure here in Canada, the United States, and Southeast Asia with technology to help throttle up or down power to help prevent damage to the power grid. They are also an EVSE Integrator providing their customers with the knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed their requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging, collect carbon credits and reduce emissions for ESG and Net Zero Goals.

The CMHDS believes that this topic will be of great interest to our members, as we all strive to electrify to reduce carbon emissions, so we hope that you are able to attend!
We are also extending an invitation to non-members for this exclusive session.

To attend:

Join Zoom Meeting: Nov. 18th, 4 PM EST

Meeting ID: 889 436 6608   |   Passcode: M

The CMHDS is committed to a presentation program utilizing a Zoom format until meets and tours in person are more practical. To assist our planning efforts please express your preferred schedule with the linked questionnaire.

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